Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Adapting to the Real World

After a fabulous long weekend at the KR Retreat in early November, I have spent alot of my free time getting back to my knitting. The retreat reintroduced me to my love of the needles and yarn (I had been letting other things get in the way) and gave me 3 days with fellow knitters and friends. Nothing like being in the mountains with rooms full of women (and men - Hi Robert) knitting at all hours of the day, wearing beautiful lace shawls and other gorgeous creations to get you back in the mood.

During my weekend away, Cat Bordhi personally taught me how to knit socks on two circular needles, a technique that saves alot of time and energy and is very easy to learn. Cat also taught a class on Moebius knitting and Teva Durham gave a class on short rows. Teva is a wonderfully creative person. She showed many of us the gallies of her new crochet book. Beautiful pictures and amazing ideas!

Since I went to the retreat by myself this year, Clara made roommate arrangements for me. She did a great job putting Mindy and me together. We found that we hit it off immediately and got along great for the entire weekend.

It was also great to see friends I met at previous retreats. I would list everyone here, but I'm afraid I would forget someone. There were also many new friends to make, some funny, some shy, some pregnant, some (one) male! There is something about the KR retreat that makes you feel as if you are coming home to family.

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purlewe said...

what I love about the retreat is the amount of talent and love and creativity is in that room..
what I hate.. is not getting to spend more time with people.. like you!!!

So glad to see you posting again m'dear. I enjoy reading your insights