Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Hand Hurts!

Ever since the KR Retreat, I have been knitting like a crazy woman, and my right hand is really aching! I don't know if the pain is caused from overuse or from the multiple socks I've been knitting on size 1 circulars.

The pain is centered around the pad below my thumb. My wrist is sore also. I wonder if it could be carpal tunnel syndrome?

I've even gone a few days in a row without picking up my needles and yarn. I've tried to keep ibuprofen in my system, but I'm going to switch to naprosyn (Aleve) in order to only take it twice a day (instead of 3 times a day). I switched my mouse at my work computer to the other side, it's a good thing I'm lefthanded.

Does anyone have any ideas how to relieve these symptoms? I know there are a few nurses who read my blog. (Mom? Sis? Daughter?) HELP!!!!!


purlewe said...

I would add icing your hand/wrist is a good idea as well. It helps bring the swelling down externally.

Good luck with slowing down. I know you've been in a mad dash.. but don't hurt yourself NOW!

rho said...

I agree that icing is good but also maybe try some of those gloves that are for knitters - I have used it when my thumb is acting up and it sounds like the same spot - I am thinking mine is arthritis - that joint is a common spot for arthritis after lyme disease. Of course I can't remember the name - but I looked for something similar and found these and someone said they halped their hands knitting too. http://www.drugstore.com/qxp69908_332828_sespider/futuro/energizing_support_glove_medium.htm

rho said...

don't know if that link will work if not here is the name of the glove
FUTURO Energizing Support Glove,

Leslie said...

Yoga. Find yourself a good Iyengar teacher. Keeps me typing and knitting!

Carol said...

Is that your hand in the picture? It doesn't look like it. If the Ibuprofen works better than the Aleve then you should stick with it. Take whichever helps you. Ice is also good for the inflammation as already mentioned. Try some of those icy hot patches for all day relief. They are thin and stretchy, you can still work with them on.

sherry said...

hi Cindy,
I pulled ligaments in a skiing accident 18 yrs ago, in my non dominant hand, and have worn the hand glove. But also, ace makes a wrist wrap, that gives more support to the actual wrist in the area coming down from the thumb.. Also occasionally i wear a hand splint at nite, if i have been knitting too much heavier gauge yarn.Keeps it stabilized thru the nite.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I'd also have it looked at and evaluated if you can. And the hand-eze gloves are good because they are light and support without stopping you completely from knitting. Hand splints are not that nice to have to wear while trying to knit, so ice and rest up a little.

I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

PS, now that you are knitting more, and getting less rest for your hand, do you hit the num pad with the side of your thumb? Just curious.