Monday, November 12, 2007

There's a Reason It's Called a "Retreat"

The Knitter's Review Retreat is exactly that. A weekend away from day to day life, a few days to forget your everyday worries. It's a chance to see old friends and make new ones. It's 2+ days of being immersed in your knitting and yarn and being surrounded by 90 other people who feel the exact same way.

It's also a time to add to your yarn supply. (Because we all need to add to our yarn supply!) We stayed at the Seven Hills Inn at Lenox, Massachusetts, a mere 1 hour drive from WEBS.

Want to see what I brought home with me?

From the Goodie Bag put together by Clara- (see the Lantern Moon Circulars at the bottom of the picture?)
From the Stash Table (Tables - 3 large ones) is a better description!
More to come in the next post!


rho said...

It was so great to see you - wasn't it fun!

Next time you see me I will be the an experienced lace knitter. How's that coach? ;)

rho said...

oh lord - can you tell I am tired - that was I will be an experienced lace knitter lol

wenders said...

Hi there! Looks like you did us proud at Webs! :)

My additions will be posted shortly - I made out like a fiend at the stash table, and don't feel so guilty, since everything I contributed to the table seemed to disappear to a better home.

Jane said...

What a weekend! I wish we'd had some more time together, but at least we had the same great experiences -- and yes, the stash tables were groaning under the weight of all that stuff!

Tanya said...

Welcome home! I'm so jealous!