Monday, August 27, 2007


Why oh why didn't I sign up when Tanya first mentioned it? Or when Jane listed the link on her blog? (Oh that's right, I was studying and ignoring my knitting life!)

Now I am way back of the line. There are 16,257 people who will get invites ahead of me. The only people I feel more sorry for are the 2,243 people who will have to wait longer than me. (And the number is getting bigger everyday.)

Hopefully the floodgates will be opening soon as the website will be taken out of beta. Then, about 5,000 invites a week are expected to go out. That means I should be able to get on the site sometime in late September?

I want my oompa loompa, and I want it NOW!

(Unbelievable, I had left a post on the ravelry blog just a few minutes ago, asking for any little bit of update info for us starving people in line, and Casey already responded to me via email!)

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rho said...

I'm finally below 2,000 not much below but below LOL but oh the anticipation!