Saturday, January 6, 2007

How to Know If You Have Enough Yarn For Two Socks

Here's the answer.

Notice that this item has already been used. See the remnants of yarn left from the skeins of Seasilk run through the counter?
I didn't even notice they were there until I uploaded the picture onto my computer.

The counter can be purchased mounted on a board from knitting suppliers for about $50. But my daughter (who gave this to me as a gift for Christmas, isn't she the best?) found this at Dick's for alot less. It's used by fisherman to measure how much line they have out.

I found I don't need the mounting board. The device attaches directly to the table I use with my swift and ball winder.

Now I can easily divide that one skein of sock yarn into 2 skeins of even length. I really don't need the suspense of waiting until I am almost done the second sock before I know if I will have enough yarn!


Karen said...

What a great idea!!! Now I want one of those too. They just put in a Dick's near us not too long ago - I'll have to check it out.

PS: I found your blog through the Runagogo site. I left you a comment there too - have a great time dancing!!! (I'm a ballroom dancer too - well, I try. LOL)

Tanya said...

That is a great find, Cindy! Thanks for sharing. Jay might not mind buying knitting things for me from Dick's!


Claire said...

Mom, I didn't get it at Dick's. The one that was there they said wasn't that good because it wasn't accurate. Which wouldn't help, I got it from a link you had emailed to Anna. Here it is