Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter Has Arrived

The cold weather has arrived in the Middle States. Last week it was 72 degrees, this morning it's in the low 20's.
Hopefully the fish in the pond can adapt more quickly than humans. They have a heater in one corner of the pond to help keep them warm. (See the green and white object in the upper right corner of the pond?) They can also swim to the bottom of the three foot hole at the front of the pond.
The weather is supposed to warm up again this weekend. I hope so. This weekend Chuck and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary in Philadelphia. We have a horse carriage ride on our agenda.


Anjeanette said...
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purlewe said...

ooh! a fabulous weekend is planned I assume. I LOVE a carriage ride. :) so wonderful.

congrats on many happy yrs, and I'll cross my fingers for the fishies.

Martha said...

Dearest Cindy,
Am catching up on blog reading - 1st, happy anniversary to you & Chuck. May many more love- & joy-filled years be yours.
Sorry to read of the truck break-in. Grrr, that stuff is so disconcerting.
The gift kit sounds yummy.
Belated happy 2007 to you & yours.